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what an experience! The Mammoth Caves are a MUST-SEE! Now heading to dinner w/ the Noe family. Southern and white bean chilli. Mmmm good!

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off to Mammoth Caves,KY! Will swing by Ft. Knox & Lincoln’s Cabin. Question: does anyone else experience buyer’s remorse like me? Which purchases?

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had lunch at Bob Evans then took advantage of massive sales at Oxmoor Mall! I best get back to CA to re-focus for ’09!

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a gloomy but warm KY day. Napped all afternoon – am shocked! Now ready for afternoon tea with the Tiebens Mum 😉 Love this relaxing time…

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created a lens on Squidoo…received a suggestion to post my Twas The Night poem… check it out! http://ping.fm/A0ieE

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Twas The Night Before Christmas
(for Network Marketers)

by Emma Tiebens

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except my computer’s mouse.
News of recession has prompted me to care ,
For people in the network marketing industry hurting everywhere.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
How to reach out to many kept dancing in my head.
As my family snored, I donned my thinking cap,
Wouldn’t even consider for a moment to take a winter’s nap.

When into my Inbox arose such a clatter,
Propped myself on the bed to see what was the matter.
Invitations to connect came in like a flash,
I honestly thought my computer would crash!

I didn’t even notice the fresh-fallen snow
Was so busy sending lots of “hello”
To new and unexpected leads which appeared,
Out of nowhere, from people both new and endeared.

My God-given brain started processing quick,
So many strategies out there, which one should I pick?
Everyone claims theirs is the best.
I need to know what really works that stands above the rest!!

In the past I’ve toyed with the leads that you buy,
With hopes that they’d bring me my pie in the sky.
So daily I called at least one hundred and two,
Spoke with ten, but the rest I couldn’t get through.

“Now Dillard! Now, Belcher! Now, Reese and now Kern!
On, Ceballos! On, Fong! On Yaghi and Bell!
Worked together to change the course of us all
By sharing their “secrets” they helped us not to fall!

And then, in a twinkling, I’m no longer aloof
As how to be magnetic is far from fool proof
There are hurdles to overcome to turn things around
Good thing we have access to leaders who abound.

I mustered my strength and stepped out with one foot,
Web 2.0 and capture pages, new knowledge took root.
Though I got some responses, I was taken aback,
My page wasn’t converting, a skill I definitely lacked.

Someone did tell me that blogging would carry,
The weight of generating organic leads in a hurry!
Signed up for WordPress my first article I sowed,
Not really understanding how everything flowed.

Then the social media craze made me clench my teeth,
Wrote updates and comments as often as I breathe.
With My Space, Twitter, Facebook, I put down the telly ,
But source info and split testing were a tad hard to tally!

Through all these I realized how vital is oneself,
In giving without want, being of service and of help
Inspiring, encouraging on what lies ahead
Soon gave me the courage I had nothing to dread.

With mentors I was blessed with I went straight to work,
Focused on one or two strategies that brought the most perk.
Identifying true divine purpose helped overcome my woes
From having no following, my numbers arose!

I jumped on the wagon then gave the team a whistle,
And while things are uncertain, my confidence has settled.
Now more than ever on this very special night,
“Happy Christmas to all…let’s put up a good fight!”

(an adaptation from Twas A Night Before Christmas A Poem by Clement Clarke Moore)

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Better Networker’s having a video contest!!! Are you game? http://ping.fm/yjZix

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