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EBE Summit was incredible! Speaking to a

EBE Summit was incredible! Speaking to a group of positive & optimistic entrepreneurs about RELATIONSHIP Marketing brings me so much joy!

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Such an inspiring week ahead!! Speaking

Such an inspiring week ahead!! Speaking at Empowered Business Entrepreneurs Summit tomorrow… ready to teach entrepreneurs how to become Visible, Influential and Profitable using Relational Marketing! Next judging You Inc Video Challenge with @Richard Bravo and a webinar with the “Collaboration King” @Richard Goutal! http://ht.ly/311kq

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System & .PPT Presentation creation is b

System & .PPT Presentation creation is building a business from scratch. Need lots of time, energy and resources to get going but worth it! I am laying the foundation of a very solid business of transferring my processes that have transformed my business which I know will tremendously help others! Thanks to the Mentors I’ve invested in all these years and the life’s experience that goes with it! What stage are you in right this minute? Do you still feel that you need to learn some more? There is a stage in our business life when it’s time to stop learning and jump in head first and say “I AM GOOD ENOUGH”! Tell yourself that and believe it!

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Backing up video files – got one of thos

Backing up video files – got one of those 2 TB WD Elements Desktop external drive… synchronizing it with Time Machine. Night-night soon 😉

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Happy Monday! Taking it slow today- what

Happy Monday! Taking it slow today- what a timely post from @ChrisBrogan on “Pay Yourself First” and it’s not just money! http://ht.ly/2Z2T2

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Still working on my .ppt slides and putt

Still working on my .ppt slides and putting more valuable content in my system offering. Also updating my FB “Like” Page. Hope to finish soon so I can attend @nancyburkebarr ‘s Halloween Mixer in Newport Beach today! It should be a blast! Who else is going?

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Amazed with inspiration! 3 hours of slee

Amazed with inspiration! 3 hours of sleep & still going! My new system is about “Inspiration Meets Function”! My life’s experience in a box! Creating a product, a system or even writing a book is never easy but when you think of who’s going to be positively impacted by them, it makes it sooo worthwhile. It really isn’t about the money, though generating the money is an inevitable result of the positive intentions of your heart… Happy Friday!

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