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“May All Who Sowed Into This Project, Be Blessed Beyond Measure!”

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Last Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008, we lovingly ended our 40 Days of Love study group.  I just want to say my heartfelt thanks to Christa Hoshino for opening her beautiful home for all of us in the past 6 weeks.  I truly understand how it is to commit to hosting a study group.   It’s definitely a work as unto God!

Through those 6 weeks, such outpouring of LOVE from the 10 wonderful ladies was evident.  Lots of forgiveness and healing took place, but most of all, we have been given a weapon to fight hopelessness and fear…it’s LOVE.  Perfect love casts out fear.

Next week, I will be starting a new study and this time it will be my utmost honor to host it.  This is only my second time of leading a study and truly, to have a study closer to the holidays was far from what I had planned.  However, after Gary and I spoke at our church the weekend of Oct. 18, God laid it in my heart to start my own group for this study called 40 Days of Community.

Why?  It’s because without my church community, I couldn’t have withstood the attacks the enemy threw my way as a baby Christian 2 years ago.  Without my community, I would have weakened and reverted back to my old ways.

I am looking soooo forward to getting to know new women whom God has positioned in my life for such a time as this.  Together, I know we will all get to grow and experience major spiritual breakthroughs.

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             Have you seen the movie “The Passion of The Christ“?  If you have, you probably know who Jim Caviezel (J.C.) is.  He is the most amazing actor who played the role of Jesus Christ in that movie.  I attended and listened to our friend and Pastor Bruce Templeton interview Jim Caviezel “up close and personal” in all of the 3 services one weekend in June 2008!  I took notes intending to share them with my family and friends who couldn’t make it that day.  

              Sometimes, God really works in mysterious ways.  A month ago, I reconnected with Jim Caviezel.  I wanted to send him a copy of this article and the book “Renewing The Soul of America”.  His wonderful assistant got back with me saying that Jim is currently filming a movie in South Africa but that he has already read my email and will be in touch for sure. 

              Truthfully, I don’t know what God has in mind for why I wrote this article.  I was simply “obeying” the proddings in my heart.  I would like to think that I wrote this for “such a time as this” when a lot of people are fearful and confused.  I truly pray that this small “gift” will help inspire many…

               Unbeknownst to many who have seen this film, Jim was the first choice by Actor/Director/Producer Mel Gibson, to play the role of Jesus. 
                The decision to play Jesus Christ didn’t come easy for Jim Caviezel but in the end, he realized that it was that movie and that impact that movie had on so many lives of people world-wide is the true purpose for his life here on earth.
                Below are some of the notes I took that I am so happy to share with you:
·         When Jim met Mel Gibson and his Producer Steve McEveety, they told him that they were producing a surfing movie called Maverick. While sitting on a park bench somewhere in LA, Jim couldn’t help notice that Mel kept on talking about movies about Jesus and how Jim had an incredible resemblance to him. Jim had to be the one to tell Mel, “Wait, you are not producing a surfing movie…you are producing a movie about Jesus and you want me to play him” – Mel said “Yes…”
·         After that meeting, Jim was home when he got a call from Mel Gibson…Mel told Jim “You know, if you accept this movie, you may never work in Hollywood again”. Suddenly, Jim as afraid, but having been a Christian, the Holy Spirit worked through him to overcome that fear and he accepted the project anyway. Before they hung up, Jim told Mel… “how ironic…my initials are J.C. and I am 33 years old…” To that Mel said “…you’re freaking me out!” and hung up the phone.
·         During the filming in Italy, the scourging tore skin on his back, he broke his shoulder, experienced hypothermia and was even struck by lightning. He asked God “Why are you making me suffer?” He realized that God loves him so much that in our suffering, in our pain, He does His greatest work….
·         One of the most important lessons he learned: “IF YOU DON’T PICK UP AND CARRY YOUR CROSS, YOU WILL BE CRUSHED BY THE WEIGHT OF IT”. This is my personal take away.
He also said the following:
·         “I am not afraid of being rejected and you shouldn’t be either. Even Christ was rejected 2000 years ago. Some of us are Mary, some are Judas, some are the Pharisees, Pilates, etc. The Bible is alive!
·         “If God calls you to do something for Him, don’t worry, HE WILL GIVE YOU THE WORDS…”
·         “There is a strong morality in Hollywood and all around us that GOOD IS EVIL AND EVIL IS GOOD – IT’S CALLED TOLERANCE – the acceptance of all things including evil. 
·         “Cassius, a Roman soldier was told –“If you convert, we will kill you.” To that he replied: Then kill me….for everone you kill, more would rise..YOU CAN’T KILL EVERYBODY”
·         “Where do you stand? Relativism is in the church too…one foot in the world, one foot in the church. There were 50 Million babies aborted in the US since 1973 – where are those who stand up for what is good?”
·         Can society exclude moral truth and reason? Freedom exists not because you have the right to have it but HAVING THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT YOU OUGHT.”
·         “If you put truth in the hands of people, the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”
·         “The Passion of the Christ made over $1 Billion dollars worldwide, why is there no sequel or part two, especially when in Hollywood, money is king?”
·         “A family that does not pray together will not stay together.”
·         “While we are blinded by narcissism and covetousness, the Son of Man, came to serve.”
·         “You can’t be worried about others…your courage helps change their lives.”
·         “Our men and women serving our country is fighting for our FREEDOM. We all must die for that freedom but only a few do: WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THAT FREEDOM?”
·         “I would rather be nameless here in this world but have my name written in Celestial Hall.” 
That weekend changed my life! My brief encounter with Jim Caviezel made me realize that God really does scour this earth for people who love and obey him, whom He can and will use for His Glory!
                The success of The Passion of the Christ, prompted Jim to produce a CD Bible Series which covers the entire New Testament (New King James Version). He collaborated with the best composers in the world, put together a 100-piece orchestra, involved some of Hollywood A-listers and spent months and months recording this CD Bible in Bulgaria! Jim felt that if people can use technology for evil, why not use it for good? The result: The Word of Promise Bible CD. 
                I feel very blessed to have volunteered and helped Jim Caviezel’s team, together with some wonderful volunteers from FCC – to work at the tent where they sold “The Word of Promise Bible’. However, months later, I still feel this desire to give people the opportunity to experience this Word of Promise Bible. It is a must experience – just like seeing a movie in your mind when you listen to it! 
                We can all do our part in changing people’s lives. I know you or anyone you know could benefit from knowing the Word of God, without having to read it. You can purchase this Word of Promise Bible CD, from www.thewordofpromise.com . Now, no more excuses like “I don’t have time to read…”
Thank you for allowing me to share! I pray that God continues to strengthen your faith and may you always FIND HOPE IN HIM!
Many Blessings,
Emma Tiebens

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Have you ever experienced a “fire in your belly”?  You know, a revelation that is so much more than just an “aha” moment? 

Well this weekend, God spoke loud and clear to me and created that incredible fire which I have never experienced before!

Three years ago, my focus was business, family then God.  After meeting Dani Johnson, I changed my priorities to God, family then business.  Since then, my family has experienced a major transformation!  We knew that God  is calling us for something greater and is educating us at warp speed!  Something that’s beyond what we can see!

Being new Christians, we pray to always seek God’s wisdom and to strengthen our faith that when information comes our way, that we will be able to discern if they are information God wants us to hear.

God has led me to my very first Joyce Meyer Conference in St. Louis, MO this weekend of Oct. 2-4, 2008.  A big blessing and thank you to my best friend Diane Barrett for always standing along side with me in my search for wisdom.  I am beyond grateful to my husband Gary, son Garrett and Mom Elena for always supporting where God is leading me to.  God has sent us a lady named Susie Vanker from Michigan whom Diane and I met on the plane on our way to Orlando, FL.  It was through her that we knew of Joyce Meyer’s conference!  Through her, we met our most amazing Sisters In Christ this weekend – wonderful ladies from Michigan and Chicago – Tonya, Sandra, Donica, Joanne, Liz and Aggy.

Shortly, I will be sharing my notes as I always do.  Meanwhile, I am still here at the Hampton Inn in downtown St. Louis, and I couldn’t resist writing about it.  It’s as if my hands are being led to share this weekend’s experience. 

Prior to this weekend’s experience, I have many questions about WHAT CAN WE DO TO SHARE HOPE IN GOD TO HIS PEOPLE?  What could I possibly do to even make a difference in the world and our current econmic and spiritual crisis?  I have always felt that I there is nothing I could possibly do since the situation is so confusing and beyond my comprehension.  I didn’t know where to start…

This weekend opened my heart, my eyes and my mind!  Prepare for my relentless pursuit of a LOVE Revolution!  I will be honored to have you pursue this with me!

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