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A new year…a fresh start…new resolutions…new hope… The question is, how long will it take for us to rejoice in this cyclical yet renewed optimism? Perhaps one month, two, maybe three months before we go back to what’s comfortable and familiar? So, the million dollar question is this…HOW DO YOU PLAN TO RENEW YOURSELF FOR THE NEW YEAR? 360 days from now, how are you going to be different?

At church this morning, I couldn’t help take down notes… our beloved Senior Pastor Dan Deghi shared some incredibly insightful words of wisdom that I know will resonate with everyone both believers and non-believers. He said 3 NEW things that will be for certain in 2009 are this:

• New Pressures
• New Problems
• New Possibilities

To progress, change is necessary and one’s openness and willingness to change are a must! As successful people would say “If you keep on doing the same things you’ve done, you’ll keep on getting the same things you’ve gotten”.

The great news is that new pressures and problems cause new possibilities to stem forth! These very certainties are here to ultimately build character – as one responds to these with the right mind and heart, they will build 3 things:

• Conviction
• Creativity
• Courage

Where are you lacking? Is it conviction, creativity or courage? The winds of life will always flow to the direction it needs to go and while you can’t control the direction of the wind, YOUR ATTITUDES CAN CONTROL THE DIRECTION OF YOUR SAIL! This year, make it a point to stand for something of significance…how can you shine if you are comfortable hiding in the dark? How can you enlighten another person’s life by keeping your light to yourself? Are you happy with how your Year 2008 was? Were you happy with your harvest? FYI, your harvest is a direct result of what you planted – the universal Law of Reaping and Sowing.

A great question to ask yourself now is “WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO HARVEST IN 2009?” Once you answer that question, you will know exactly what seeds you need to be planting now! You want to see the same results? Do the same exact thing you did in 2008? You want to see a different result? Turn the TV off, write down your goals – with “accomplished by” dates on them of course – identify your convictions, take a leap of faith and believe that this year will be different!

And oh, don’t mistake opinion with conviction – there are already plenty of opinions out there that will confuse you and cause you to not plow that ground and plant the seed! How would you know the difference between opinion and conviction? “YOU WILL ARGUE FOR AN OPINION BUT YOU’LL BE WILLING TO DIE FOR YOUR CONVICTION!” There is a big difference… If you don’t stand up for something you will fall for anything!

What are you made of? Opinions or Convictions? Please share! You never know who’s life would be greatly impacted by them! It could very well be your own.

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Twas The Night Before Christmas
(for Network Marketers)

by Emma Tiebens

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except my computer’s mouse.
News of recession has prompted me to care ,
For people in the network marketing industry hurting everywhere.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
How to reach out to many kept dancing in my head.
As my family snored, I donned my thinking cap,
Wouldn’t even consider for a moment to take a winter’s nap.

When into my Inbox arose such a clatter,
Propped myself on the bed to see what was the matter.
Invitations to connect came in like a flash,
I honestly thought my computer would crash!

I didn’t even notice the fresh-fallen snow
Was so busy sending lots of “hello”
To new and unexpected leads which appeared,
Out of nowhere, from people both new and endeared.

My God-given brain started processing quick,
So many strategies out there, which one should I pick?
Everyone claims theirs is the best.
I need to know what really works that stands above the rest!!

In the past I’ve toyed with the leads that you buy,
With hopes that they’d bring me my pie in the sky.
So daily I called at least one hundred and two,
Spoke with ten, but the rest I couldn’t get through.

“Now Dillard! Now, Belcher! Now, Reese and now Kern!
On, Ceballos! On, Fong! On Yaghi and Bell!
Worked together to change the course of us all
By sharing their “secrets” they helped us not to fall!

And then, in a twinkling, I’m no longer aloof
As how to be magnetic is far from fool proof
There are hurdles to overcome to turn things around
Good thing we have access to leaders who abound.

I mustered my strength and stepped out with one foot,
Web 2.0 and capture pages, new knowledge took root.
Though I got some responses, I was taken aback,
My page wasn’t converting, a skill I definitely lacked.

Someone did tell me that blogging would carry,
The weight of generating organic leads in a hurry!
Signed up for WordPress my first article I sowed,
Not really understanding how everything flowed.

Then the social media craze made me clench my teeth,
Wrote updates and comments as often as I breathe.
With My Space, Twitter, Facebook, I put down the telly ,
But source info and split testing were a tad hard to tally!

Through all these I realized how vital is oneself,
In giving without want, being of service and of help
Inspiring, encouraging on what lies ahead
Soon gave me the courage I had nothing to dread.

With mentors I was blessed with I went straight to work,
Focused on one or two strategies that brought the most perk.
Identifying true divine purpose helped overcome my woes
From having no following, my numbers arose!

I jumped on the wagon then gave the team a whistle,
And while things are uncertain, my confidence has settled.
Now more than ever on this very special night,
“Happy Christmas to all…let’s put up a good fight!”

(an adaptation from Twas A Night Before Christmas A Poem by Clement Clarke Moore)

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             Have you seen the movie “The Passion of The Christ“?  If you have, you probably know who Jim Caviezel (J.C.) is.  He is the most amazing actor who played the role of Jesus Christ in that movie.  I attended and listened to our friend and Pastor Bruce Templeton interview Jim Caviezel “up close and personal” in all of the 3 services one weekend in June 2008!  I took notes intending to share them with my family and friends who couldn’t make it that day.  

              Sometimes, God really works in mysterious ways.  A month ago, I reconnected with Jim Caviezel.  I wanted to send him a copy of this article and the book “Renewing The Soul of America”.  His wonderful assistant got back with me saying that Jim is currently filming a movie in South Africa but that he has already read my email and will be in touch for sure. 

              Truthfully, I don’t know what God has in mind for why I wrote this article.  I was simply “obeying” the proddings in my heart.  I would like to think that I wrote this for “such a time as this” when a lot of people are fearful and confused.  I truly pray that this small “gift” will help inspire many…

               Unbeknownst to many who have seen this film, Jim was the first choice by Actor/Director/Producer Mel Gibson, to play the role of Jesus. 
                The decision to play Jesus Christ didn’t come easy for Jim Caviezel but in the end, he realized that it was that movie and that impact that movie had on so many lives of people world-wide is the true purpose for his life here on earth.
                Below are some of the notes I took that I am so happy to share with you:
·         When Jim met Mel Gibson and his Producer Steve McEveety, they told him that they were producing a surfing movie called Maverick. While sitting on a park bench somewhere in LA, Jim couldn’t help notice that Mel kept on talking about movies about Jesus and how Jim had an incredible resemblance to him. Jim had to be the one to tell Mel, “Wait, you are not producing a surfing movie…you are producing a movie about Jesus and you want me to play him” – Mel said “Yes…”
·         After that meeting, Jim was home when he got a call from Mel Gibson…Mel told Jim “You know, if you accept this movie, you may never work in Hollywood again”. Suddenly, Jim as afraid, but having been a Christian, the Holy Spirit worked through him to overcome that fear and he accepted the project anyway. Before they hung up, Jim told Mel… “how ironic…my initials are J.C. and I am 33 years old…” To that Mel said “…you’re freaking me out!” and hung up the phone.
·         During the filming in Italy, the scourging tore skin on his back, he broke his shoulder, experienced hypothermia and was even struck by lightning. He asked God “Why are you making me suffer?” He realized that God loves him so much that in our suffering, in our pain, He does His greatest work….
·         One of the most important lessons he learned: “IF YOU DON’T PICK UP AND CARRY YOUR CROSS, YOU WILL BE CRUSHED BY THE WEIGHT OF IT”. This is my personal take away.
He also said the following:
·         “I am not afraid of being rejected and you shouldn’t be either. Even Christ was rejected 2000 years ago. Some of us are Mary, some are Judas, some are the Pharisees, Pilates, etc. The Bible is alive!
·         “If God calls you to do something for Him, don’t worry, HE WILL GIVE YOU THE WORDS…”
·         “There is a strong morality in Hollywood and all around us that GOOD IS EVIL AND EVIL IS GOOD – IT’S CALLED TOLERANCE – the acceptance of all things including evil. 
·         “Cassius, a Roman soldier was told –“If you convert, we will kill you.” To that he replied: Then kill me….for everone you kill, more would rise..YOU CAN’T KILL EVERYBODY”
·         “Where do you stand? Relativism is in the church too…one foot in the world, one foot in the church. There were 50 Million babies aborted in the US since 1973 – where are those who stand up for what is good?”
·         Can society exclude moral truth and reason? Freedom exists not because you have the right to have it but HAVING THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT YOU OUGHT.”
·         “If you put truth in the hands of people, the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE”
·         “The Passion of the Christ made over $1 Billion dollars worldwide, why is there no sequel or part two, especially when in Hollywood, money is king?”
·         “A family that does not pray together will not stay together.”
·         “While we are blinded by narcissism and covetousness, the Son of Man, came to serve.”
·         “You can’t be worried about others…your courage helps change their lives.”
·         “Our men and women serving our country is fighting for our FREEDOM. We all must die for that freedom but only a few do: WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THAT FREEDOM?”
·         “I would rather be nameless here in this world but have my name written in Celestial Hall.” 
That weekend changed my life! My brief encounter with Jim Caviezel made me realize that God really does scour this earth for people who love and obey him, whom He can and will use for His Glory!
                The success of The Passion of the Christ, prompted Jim to produce a CD Bible Series which covers the entire New Testament (New King James Version). He collaborated with the best composers in the world, put together a 100-piece orchestra, involved some of Hollywood A-listers and spent months and months recording this CD Bible in Bulgaria! Jim felt that if people can use technology for evil, why not use it for good? The result: The Word of Promise Bible CD. 
                I feel very blessed to have volunteered and helped Jim Caviezel’s team, together with some wonderful volunteers from FCC – to work at the tent where they sold “The Word of Promise Bible’. However, months later, I still feel this desire to give people the opportunity to experience this Word of Promise Bible. It is a must experience – just like seeing a movie in your mind when you listen to it! 
                We can all do our part in changing people’s lives. I know you or anyone you know could benefit from knowing the Word of God, without having to read it. You can purchase this Word of Promise Bible CD, from www.thewordofpromise.com . Now, no more excuses like “I don’t have time to read…”
Thank you for allowing me to share! I pray that God continues to strengthen your faith and may you always FIND HOPE IN HIM!
Many Blessings,
Emma Tiebens

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             It’s Thursday, January 8, 2009 – a school day so I get up at 6:00am do my wonderful personal rituals inspired by Eben Pagan.  We just got back from a Leadership Conference the week before  and Gary and I are still on Cloud 9 because we have finally reached Hawaiian Blue Diamond level and we were honored in Orlando, FL last week where there were over 10,000 people in attendance!  What a high that was! 


Gary leaves for work at 6:30… I give him a loving hug and a kiss.  I wave to him as he backs off the driveway and I stretch out my hands towards his car, asking God to bless his day and keep him safe!


I then do my yoga stretches then run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and as I do, I listen to Joyce Meyer in my iPod. I have listened to her financial, parenting and leadership CDs but today, I will be listening to her Secret To True Happiness CD.  I feel a deep connection with Joyce Meyer and her ministry Hand to Hope. Today, I know I am about to write a substantial check to her ministry to feed thousands of hungry people all over the world! 


After a good workout, I then sit in my prayer corner, I kneel down and seek God’s face in prayer!  I will read from my Financial Breakthrough Spiritual Warfare Bible by Dr. Morris Cerullo…I pray that God grants me the wisdom to discern various information that comes my way.  Now that we are making over half a million dollars a year, we are so grateful that we have set up the foundation to be responsible custodians God’s resources which He entrusted to us and that includes time, people and money!  We have been so used in giving more than 10% that giving to us have  become a way of life.  The more we give, the more we see God give us more! Today, we will write a couple of checks to other ministries who have blessed us in the past few years.  Oh, did I mention that as by the end of December, all our debts are paid off, except for our mortgage?  What a liberating feeling!


After my devotional, I get ready for the day, starting with a steamy and aromatic shower!  When I am ready, I wake Garrett up so he and I can have breakfast together.  We both love our organic Nature’s Path oatmeal and hard-boiled egg with our juice made of 19 fruits!  I do enjoy café latte so I will have one with breakfast.  Afterwards, I will prepare Garrett for school.


On our way to school, we review his Bible verses, spelling and math in the car.  He will end in prayer before he gets off the car.  He kisses me goodbye and tells me how much he loves me and appreciates all that his Daddy and I do for him and he promises to keep all his tickets and not misbehave!


By now it’s 9:00am, I get back to my home office, get back to my emails, focusing on where I am deserved, not needed.  Then I visit my back office to see volume and activity and see where there is work to be done.  After that, I log on to my Instant MLM Profits result and analyze the data and the split testing results.  I tweak my landing page and getting more familiar on how to use Google adwords.  Since I am not too passionate about this part of Internet Marketing and I now have money to spend to outsource it, I consulted with my friend Raymond Fong and he referred me to the best sales page creator, SEOptimizer and is an expert at conversion!   Because I hire only the best, I only get the best results! 


From 12:30 – 2:30, I make my most important business calls for the day… Today, I am actually considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle some of my calls…I can’t handle all of them! People just want to join my team and I have to be very choosy now!  My voicemail is always full so now, I need to to outsource and delegate the pre-qualification process and only talk to those who are serious!


2:30pm, I pick up Garrett from school.  The next 3 hours is Mommy-Garrett time. Park, picnic, library, homework, cooking dinner together and occasionally watching iCarly or Josh and Drake.  Gary gets home at 6:00pm and since I made his favorite Salmon Alfredo and Capers with Angel Hair, we sit down as a family, we bless our meal and we enjoy this time together!  It’s so relaxing to just be in the moment sipping a nice dry, buttery and oaky Chardonnay!


After dinner, we walk around the neighborhood, laughing and loving a lot!  Bedtime is next…we bathe, put on our pajamas and relax for the night…Garrett reads 3 books before bed then he says good-night in prayer. 


I slip back to our bed, read for a little while…I am reading about Renewing The Soul of America – the book gave me the passion to do something about educating American’s on their true heritage that is Divine Ordained! 


I snuggle with my husband…we talk a little bit more and then lights off…whatever happens after that is truly best left unsaid… Sweet Dreams…. 😉




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          I am thrilled to be able to finally start my Blog!  This is my Blog Page where I will be sharing my LIFE – personal, emotional, spiritual, financial.  If you are reading or participating in my Blog, it is by no coincidence.  Somehow, there is a lesson you could learn from here or you have something valuable to contribute into my life and the lives of those who seek wisdom, just as I do. 

        This initial post is specifically written from my Network Marketing or Relational Marketing friends out there.  While I have been able to build a successful team in our organization using the traditional ways of building a network marketing business, I must admit that I am a newbie in Internet Marketing.  Having majored in business I really thought that such education would be enough for me to succeed in any business of my choosing!

          In 2002, I established Bella Gemma Jewelry and while it thrived, I felt lost and confused.  When a good friend of mine introduced me to a Network Marketing opportunity, all I could think of was “no way – no network marketing for me!”  Nevertheless, I was intrigued by friends who were succeeding at it so I figured, why not give it a shot.   Looking back, being involved in this industry has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life!  I always say:  “Network marketing business is a simple business but not an easy business.”  Once you get involved, prepare yourself for a constant evolution.  I don’t even recognize my life now from where I was only 2 1/2 years ago!

          I am writing this Blog with hopes that it will inspire otherswho – like most of us – struggle with jumping in head first…A good friend Marshall Sylver once said “fail, forward, fast”.  Your indecision is a decision so just decide on doing something…Yes, there are distractions, obstacles and challenges that stop us from taking a step towards the right direction. 

          First why don’t we all go back to the basics and understand that there will be people who are going to be ahead of you – they will be ahead of you and have more toys, more knowledge, more gadgets, more influence, more beauty – more, more more!  The key is to identify, what does YOUR success look for you and not look at other people’s successes.  If you choose to look at other people’s successes and what they’re doing to achieve them, BELIEVE that you too could get to where they are if you keep on pressing on and just never give up.  Winners never quit and quitters never win, as an old adage goes.

          When things get a bit overwhelming and almost unattainable, that’s when we need to keep on telling ourselves: You can hope again!  Remember, if you think you’re defeated, you’re right!  Truly, it’s easier done than said…talk is cheap…faith without action is dead.  Follow the leaders, do a little something everyday and realize that procrastination never got anyone anywhere…live a life by design and not by default!

           If you have any suggestions on time management, books to read, websites to visit, and strategies to implement in it’s simplest terms, we just might be able to “connect the dots” and find the missing link from where we are to where we want to be! 

           First, let’s go back to the basics and ask yourself…where are you headed?  What do you believe is your ultimate purpose in life and how does that tie in with everything that you are doing in your life right now and what disciplines are you implementing to get as close to your target as possible?

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