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I have a few moments right now to write my thoughts quickly…Gary and Garrett headed out to see Madagascar II and I was going to prepare for our photo shoot this afternoon at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA by famed photographer www.chrisowen.com .  However, I couldn’t resist the urge to write something…

It has been a whirwind of a month!  I am almost frantic that Christmas is around the corner and like most people, I felt not quite “ready” for it.  Then I realized, how can one be truly ready for Christmas?  There really is no such thing…

While we are caught thinking about the Christmas details – parties, gifts, cards, activities – that is such a huge trap to distract us from the true meaning of Christmas!  While I truly love the giving part of Christmas, God has laid it in my heart that this year, my giving will be totally different!

I just received shipment of 40 copies of Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren…yes, my friends are all getting a copy – both believers and non-believers…  It’s time for us to make “noise” again… because the squeaky wheel definitely gets the oil these days!  Also, in lieu of our annual gift giving, we are going to make a lump sum donation to the Hand of Hope – www.joycemeyer.org – in honor of the people we would have given gifts to.  I am so totally excited about this and I can’t wait to start a “pay it forward” momentum where people could possibly do the same…  When God leads one to do something, it’s amazing what happens when we obey!

Last Tuesday, Gary and I saw the movie “Fireproof” and was so touched spiritually and emotionally by that movie! God definitely ministered to us through that movie!  Kirk Cameron’s acting is exceptional and it’s a true gift from God!

Last night, Gary and I watched the movie “Left Behind” and while he fell asleep halfway through the movie, I was dumbfounded by what this movie was all about!  I am sure there is a reason I saw this movie now and not a few years ago…I wasn’t ready for it then but am most certainly ready to learn more now…

As for my study group on 40 Days of Community, I am just so overjoyed to have all of you in my life at this very moment!  God truly knew that I will be communing with all of you – growing, loving and worshipping God together!  I am excited about the major breakthroughs that are happening as we speak!  There is power in community!

Yes, yes, am guilty of not focusing much on my business building efforts right now…there are times when God lays something so strongly in my heart that it takes precedence over anything I do!  I really believe that He will multiply my efforts when I obey and there’s no arguing that…

Well, I better get going…my boys will be home in a few hours and we’re off to our photo shoot.  This is the first formal photo shoot we have done since 6 years ago…  After our photo shoot, I am taking my family – Gary, Garrett and my Mom – to Bandera’s, a favorite restaurant of mine in Corona del Mar, CA.  It’s a must visit!

Time to relax, paint my nails, enjoy a mini-spa, slather some aromatic facial masque and get inspired by Joyce Meyer! Beauty treatments, physically and spiritually – now that’s a perfect day!!!

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I have 30 minutes before my ride gets here to pick me up and take me to St. Louis, MO’s airport.  I couldn’t help not write about the very reasons that inspire me to be, do and give more of what God has gifted me with!

I want to take the time to honor the 3 people in my life who have been my top inspiration for why I do what I do. Of course my love for God is my first and foremost inspiration but right after that are these 3 reasons:

1) My husband Gary – “I am beyond honored to co-labor alongside you to create a future that is so bright!  I am everything I am because of your unselfish love!  I can’t thank you enough for always being there, encouraging me that I can BE more! You truly are my “rock of Gibraltar”!

2)  Our son Garrett – our “Immanuel” – God’s gift!  You bring so much joy and wisdom into our lives!  Your love for God blows me away every day!  I am beyond grateful to be your Mom!

3)  My Mom Elena – how could I even begin to thank you?  Thank you for your love and your guidance all throughout those years…for your unspeakable humility and wisdom.  The fruit never falls far from the tree! 

Well, I better get ready…Diane will be here anytime now…more later!

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