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Just had a great Consulting session with Dr. Julie Thong… we realized that there are people who are “Domain-a-holics”! Are you one of them? You know… those who purchase lots of domains because it sounds good without having a plan on where to use them… Do you have over 100 domains but only use 10% of them? What do you do with the other 90%?

Amazed at what I accomplish when I give my self deadlines… My LIVE event is coming up Dec 4 & 5, determined to give my BEST ever! Do you have a goal? What’s on your deadline to achieve that goal? What are you doing to get closer to that goal? If you don’t have one, look at your plan and start giving yourself deadlines… you will surprise yourself!

Sharing my recent post: “Do You Need A Coach, Consultant a Course or a Combination of the above?” http://ht.ly/36pfv

Planning the details for my “Relational Marketing Secrets” 2-Day LIVE Event on Dec. 4-5, 2010 at the LAX HIlton! http://ht.ly/36imm

Day 1 of full day session of @MikeKlingler ‘s Marketing Funnel Mastery in LA. Last night’s mixer was a ton of fun! Now we all get to work!

WOW! Am officially an Author on Amazon.com Author Central! Working on my next book-Come say hello on my Amazon.com page http://ht.ly/354Z1 Getting ready to see @MikeKlingler and my MFM friends tonight… have a great weekend!!!