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It’s Saturday afternoon – my son Garrett and hubby Gary are having an easy day for a change. Other than assembling Garrett’s new filing cabinet for his room and choosing photos for his “Starring Student” board, we just hung out and watched the movie “Twister”. It’s the umpteenth time I’ve seen the movie but I noticed something that I didn’t notice the first time I saw it. It wasn’t about the tornado themselves…it was about Aunt Meg. Aunt Meg was well loved because she showed genuine interest and caring for those tornado chasers. She cooked for them, offered them a place to stay and just always give them a jolly good time! When it was her turn to suffer from the tornado, it was the very same guys who rescued her and her dog from being crushed by her own home!

Social media is so much like what Aunt Meg has shown. Like Mike Dillard always says “Dig A Well Before You’re Thirsty”. It’s about giving information, being helpful and setting yourself apart as someone dependable, trustworthy and is worth “following”. Last night, I listened for the first time to Mike Dillard’s and Perry Belcher’s recorded webinar on Social Media Secrets. I am amazed at the hearts of these two men and what great chemistry they had! I was on my desk laughing with them at 1:00am! I’m surprised I didn’t wake my family up!

I learned sooo much from what they had to share and normally I would have already transcribed my notes to share but I would have to wait for when I can get their approval to write about it. I realized that some of the info they shared there are proprietary and I will respect that. To think that I almost didn’t get on their class list! God is amazingly good and his timing is always perfect! Everyday, I pray for valuable resources of people, wisdom and time and He continues to answer my prayers!

I have always been told that I am a “relationship queen” – I love encouraging and empowering people! There is no greater joy for me than to see someone blossom and shine to their fullest potential! As a Flight Attendant, I looked forward most to “jumpseat therapy” more than the destinations. I love connecting with people! When I owned my jewelry business, I found more joy in making new friends than the acutal monetary rewards itself. When I was introduced to Network Marketing 3 years ago, I thrived not because of the company and the product but because of the RELATIONSHIPS I formed through the business. People have always told me – you are going to do great in this business, you’re a natural sales person or you are a great people person. While I believed that, those didn’t really help me achieve the success that I envisioned to attain. I sucked at prospecting and have always wondered why. When I was introduced to social media, I excitedly told my husband about it but his immediate response was, how can such an impersonal medium create a personal relationship with people? That was the thought that lingered in my head until last night. After listening to Mike and Perry that I finally realized that there is a way to connect the dots!

I know there are a few people who subscribed to Mike and Perry’s series and I am also certain that all of us have varied take aways. However, if I may share some of my main take away and epiphanies, here they are:

* Two way communication will rule and social media allows you to communicate not just with one or two people but hundreds if not thousands at a time!

* For my business to succeed, I need influencers, not the sneezers! I need to surround myself with people who are keeping up with the times and not those who choose to continue to stay inside the box!

* I have a renewed respect for Facebook and Twitter – I look at the people in my circle of influence in FB and Twitter as my friends so I am free to be myself! I just need to always be sharing something positive (no negativity allowed) – there’s enough of that in the news.

* This is a biggie! When you’re sharing, ask yourself, what are you going to share from the heart? People will see through phony-ness!

* The biggest lesson I learned is this: Social media works if people learn to respect other people. Again, the “golden rule” – no in-your-face slimy sales approaches! That’s not meant for social media! So, I am taking this time to APOLOGIZE if I have innocently done that in-your-face-slimy-sales pitch in some of my previous posts. Ignorance excuses no one but please accept my apologies of a newbie…

* Last but not least – I coined an acronym of what one needs to BE to make the best of your social media experience. I call it S.E.R.V.I.C.E. if you’re going to start posting, you need to BE:

S – Sincere
E – Excited
R – Relatable
V – Valuable
I – Interesting
C – Considerate
E – Entertaining

So there you have it! If there are any of you out there who are part of this series, please feel free to share your comments!

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A new year…a fresh start…new resolutions…new hope… The question is, how long will it take for us to rejoice in this cyclical yet renewed optimism? Perhaps one month, two, maybe three months before we go back to what’s comfortable and familiar? So, the million dollar question is this…HOW DO YOU PLAN TO RENEW YOURSELF FOR THE NEW YEAR? 360 days from now, how are you going to be different?

At church this morning, I couldn’t help take down notes… our beloved Senior Pastor Dan Deghi shared some incredibly insightful words of wisdom that I know will resonate with everyone both believers and non-believers. He said 3 NEW things that will be for certain in 2009 are this:

• New Pressures
• New Problems
• New Possibilities

To progress, change is necessary and one’s openness and willingness to change are a must! As successful people would say “If you keep on doing the same things you’ve done, you’ll keep on getting the same things you’ve gotten”.

The great news is that new pressures and problems cause new possibilities to stem forth! These very certainties are here to ultimately build character – as one responds to these with the right mind and heart, they will build 3 things:

• Conviction
• Creativity
• Courage

Where are you lacking? Is it conviction, creativity or courage? The winds of life will always flow to the direction it needs to go and while you can’t control the direction of the wind, YOUR ATTITUDES CAN CONTROL THE DIRECTION OF YOUR SAIL! This year, make it a point to stand for something of significance…how can you shine if you are comfortable hiding in the dark? How can you enlighten another person’s life by keeping your light to yourself? Are you happy with how your Year 2008 was? Were you happy with your harvest? FYI, your harvest is a direct result of what you planted – the universal Law of Reaping and Sowing.

A great question to ask yourself now is “WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO HARVEST IN 2009?” Once you answer that question, you will know exactly what seeds you need to be planting now! You want to see the same results? Do the same exact thing you did in 2008? You want to see a different result? Turn the TV off, write down your goals – with “accomplished by” dates on them of course – identify your convictions, take a leap of faith and believe that this year will be different!

And oh, don’t mistake opinion with conviction – there are already plenty of opinions out there that will confuse you and cause you to not plow that ground and plant the seed! How would you know the difference between opinion and conviction? “YOU WILL ARGUE FOR AN OPINION BUT YOU’LL BE WILLING TO DIE FOR YOUR CONVICTION!” There is a big difference… If you don’t stand up for something you will fall for anything!

What are you made of? Opinions or Convictions? Please share! You never know who’s life would be greatly impacted by them! It could very well be your own.

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          I am thrilled to be able to finally start my Blog!  This is my Blog Page where I will be sharing my LIFE – personal, emotional, spiritual, financial.  If you are reading or participating in my Blog, it is by no coincidence.  Somehow, there is a lesson you could learn from here or you have something valuable to contribute into my life and the lives of those who seek wisdom, just as I do. 

        This initial post is specifically written from my Network Marketing or Relational Marketing friends out there.  While I have been able to build a successful team in our organization using the traditional ways of building a network marketing business, I must admit that I am a newbie in Internet Marketing.  Having majored in business I really thought that such education would be enough for me to succeed in any business of my choosing!

          In 2002, I established Bella Gemma Jewelry and while it thrived, I felt lost and confused.  When a good friend of mine introduced me to a Network Marketing opportunity, all I could think of was “no way – no network marketing for me!”  Nevertheless, I was intrigued by friends who were succeeding at it so I figured, why not give it a shot.   Looking back, being involved in this industry has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life!  I always say:  “Network marketing business is a simple business but not an easy business.”  Once you get involved, prepare yourself for a constant evolution.  I don’t even recognize my life now from where I was only 2 1/2 years ago!

          I am writing this Blog with hopes that it will inspire otherswho – like most of us – struggle with jumping in head first…A good friend Marshall Sylver once said “fail, forward, fast”.  Your indecision is a decision so just decide on doing something…Yes, there are distractions, obstacles and challenges that stop us from taking a step towards the right direction. 

          First why don’t we all go back to the basics and understand that there will be people who are going to be ahead of you – they will be ahead of you and have more toys, more knowledge, more gadgets, more influence, more beauty – more, more more!  The key is to identify, what does YOUR success look for you and not look at other people’s successes.  If you choose to look at other people’s successes and what they’re doing to achieve them, BELIEVE that you too could get to where they are if you keep on pressing on and just never give up.  Winners never quit and quitters never win, as an old adage goes.

          When things get a bit overwhelming and almost unattainable, that’s when we need to keep on telling ourselves: You can hope again!  Remember, if you think you’re defeated, you’re right!  Truly, it’s easier done than said…talk is cheap…faith without action is dead.  Follow the leaders, do a little something everyday and realize that procrastination never got anyone anywhere…live a life by design and not by default!

           If you have any suggestions on time management, books to read, websites to visit, and strategies to implement in it’s simplest terms, we just might be able to “connect the dots” and find the missing link from where we are to where we want to be! 

           First, let’s go back to the basics and ask yourself…where are you headed?  What do you believe is your ultimate purpose in life and how does that tie in with everything that you are doing in your life right now and what disciplines are you implementing to get as close to your target as possible?

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