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Happy Saturday!Thinking of my good frien

Happy Saturday!Thinking of my good friends @JorgeBueno @MaryMorcos @JerryCChen who are at #BizCodex today and wishing them an great weekend!


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Supposed to attend Turning Point by Mars

Supposed to attend Turning Point by Marshall Sylver tomorrow in Las Vegas but some impt. family stuff needs attn. Contemplating… deciding.

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Come join us to a fun & informative Webi

Come join us to a fun & informative Webinar this Thursday “No More Excuses… An Online Network Marketer’s Dream System” http://ht.ly/2he3a

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Happy Glorious Monday!Thrilled to have b

Happy Glorious Monday!Thrilled to have been invited to @MarshalSylver’s Turning Point in Las Vegas this weekend with @SteviSullivan! Woohoo!

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Just woke up from a 2 1/2 hour nap! I fe

Just woke up from a 2 1/2 hour nap! I feel like a million $$$! I love afternoon naps! Now heading to our neighbor’s house for Shabu-Shabu dinner and sharing a fine bottle of ’95 Lancaster Estates Cabernet! I’ve had ’95 Opus One before but I heard this is waaay better! Life is GRAND!

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Worked all day yesterday, supervised lat

Worked all day yesterday, supervised late sleep over, up early to make bfast… feel like staying in bed… have you ever felt like that?;)

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Yay! Was told by @BSiva that I passed my

Yay! Was told by @BSiva that I passed my Supervised Coaching for International Coaching Federation’s requirement! Thanks #CoachingCognition!

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